A modular platform for your community.

Collectivo is a modular open-source framework for buildig community platforms. It allows you to create a digital space, where users can interact and organize together.

Community app

The heart of Collectivo, a digital plattform for your community - built with Nuxt. Easy to customize, multilingual, and mobile-friendly.


Choose from a variety of extensions, including email campaigns, memberships, payments, task management, and voting - or create your own custom module.

Data studio

Collectivo uses Directus on the backend. This offers you a modern data studio to manage content, create visualizations, track changes, and automate workflows.

Single sign-on

Collectivo uses Keycloak for identity and access management. This makes it possible for users to have only one account for multiple applications. Secure your services with


Collectivo is completely free and anyone can contribute. The code is available on GitHub under the AGPL-3.0 license.

In development

Collectivo is currently in development. If you are interested in testing the software, please contact us at or join our Discord server.

Collectivo community

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